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EZ Greeting Card Creator is an application used to design cards
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When any of our loved ones celebrates a significant date, like their birthday or anniversary, or when it is an important day of the year, such as Christmas, Valentine's day, Hanukkah, and so on, it is always nice to show our appreciation by sending them a greeting card. Nevertheless, it is not always possible to go to the shop and purchase one, or maybe we want to create a more personal, customized card. This free program allows us to create greeting cards just by following four easy steps.

First, we need to decide if we want to print our card or to send it by e-mail. Then we can choose the format of the card: horizontal, vertical, one- or two-sided. The third step is the most enjoyable. Here, you can add a customized message using any of the fonts and sizes available. You can choose the color of the font too. For customizing the card even more, you can use a photo from your personal collection. Alternatively, it is possible to use any of the predesigned images. The last step is to print or send the card. If you choose to print it, you can preview it before printing. Also, it is possible to save the card as a .jpg file, or send it directly from the program's interface.

As with other programs by this company, the downloading and installation processes are carried out through the InstallQ manager, which suggests you to install additional software. You can decline, though, and still have the program installed.

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